To Appreciate Art: The Daegu Art Museum
To Appreciate Art: The Daegu Art Museum
  • Lim Hyo-been
  • 승인 2019.10.08 20:41
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Enjoy Daegu Art Galleries in Daegu
The Artwork in the POP/corn exhibition(Photo by reporter Lim Hyo-been)
The Artwork in the POP/corn exhibition(Photo by reporter Lim Hyo-been)

 The first exhibition is the “POP/corn” exhibition being held from June 11 to September 29. The title “POP/corn” means contemporary Korean “Pop” art as an “icon” of the time (“corn” expresses icon) which represents the diverse flow of Korean pop art. The artists who participate in the exhibition show how Korean pop art has evolved along with our daily life in a new angle.

 The exhibition displays about 150 pieces from 14 notable artists. The works show unique aesthetic techniques like repetition and the appropriation of images of products in commercial advertisements. Their familiar and colorful images and techniques can easily make people enjoy them.

 The second one was the “~Kreuzen” exhibition by Park Jong-gyu held from June 4 to September 15. Kreuzen means “cruise” in German and represents a wish for the artist’s art world to go smooth. The exhibition consisted of about 20 new works ranging in various genres such as painting, installation, and videos. Since 2015, Park has kept topic such as “Encoding,” “Maze of onlookers,” and “Embodiment.” This exhibition was “~Kreuzen.” 

 The artist concentrated on the meaning of “noise,” which is the result of the coded dots and lines extracted from digital screen. He seemed to convey the meaning in our life through the conflict such as between black and white, and so on. 

 The last one is the “Park Saeng Gwang” exhibition who used Obangsaek color (Korean traditional style of five colors such as white, black, blue, yellow, and red) in his paintings, expressing the authentic images of Korean folk, Buddhist, and shamanistic lives of Korean people, which results in the modernization of Korean traditional paintings. He is said to be reinterpreting and renewing Korean-style color paintings with constant exertions and various experiments. 

 You can enjoy his works in the four sections of “subject matter found in folk paintings,” “flowers, women and our national character,” “studying our national character,” and “finding national character in shamanism.” It will show you the paintings with five fancy colored dragons, girls, and monks produced from the 1950s to the 1980s.

 It is good to appreciate art for yourself and take a rest in fall. Why don’t you go to the Daegu Art Museum and inhale the smell of art!

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