Had a Special Experience in Shanghai: Visit the Korean Provisional Government
Had a Special Experience in Shanghai: Visit the Korean Provisional Government
  • Kim Bo-ra
  • 승인 2019.09.04 18:00
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 On 20 Jun, 2019, I visited The Korean Provisional Government in Shanghai which ran from 1926 to 1932 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Korean Provisional Government. After paying a 20 Yuan entrance fee, I watched a video and saw the inside of the building. The video gave an explanation of the history and background of its Korean Provisional Government, the process of the independence movement, and many independence movements that have taken place around the world. After that, I could look around the building, but taking pictures was prohibited. The building is a small three-story building including Kim Gu’s office, a government office, a conference room, a toilet, a kitchen, and a bedroom. When I entered the building, I’ve felt reverence and solemnity. These feelings increased when I was told about the interim government, which made me think seriously about the independent activists. The dark, brown-colored furniture and heavy atmosphere also made me realize their determined hearts, striving for their country’s glory in the narrow building in the unfamiliar country. Overall, the rooms are simple but have a somewhat heavy atmosphere. The conference room has tables used for playing games to avoid being spotted campaigning for liberation from Japanese colonial rule, and the models of the instructors reproduced in the oval office were enough to make the situation real. Looking at the tiny beds lying in a small room and a small kitchen illustrated their lives vividly. On the top floor, there are explanations and photographs of the provisional government and the independence movements. In a faraway place called Shanghai, I felt that I should emulate the practical steps of the independence movement and the activist’s aggressive resistance to Japan at a time when communication was not as easy as now.


 The time we live in is a time of peace, where we are neither deprived of our country nor oppressed by other countries. However, we shouldn’t just feel safe and fall into idleness just because we’re not facing a direct crisis. It is crucial to continue the spirit of our forefathers by concerning ourselves with what kind of crisis our country is in and practicing what we can do now in international or domestic situations. We have to find a way to protect and develop our country, which many known and unknown independence activists sacrificed themselves for.

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