Another View of Social Media
Another View of Social Media
  • Yoo Chan-jong
  • 승인 2019.07.16 16:14
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 Social media refers to any platform that allows users who subscribe to social networking services such as Twitter and Facebook to expand their interpersonal networks and share information and opinions with each other. With the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the utilization rate of social media is increasing rapidly and the age at which it is being used is also getting younger. That is why more and more people are voicing their concerns about this. For example, children who have been exposed to long viewing times on smartphones, are developing poor eyesight. Also, if they use a smartphone, they don’t concentrate on some things and can become more addicted to social media.

 However, the development of social media has both negative and positive aspects. It is important that humans are social beings that use tools. Since social media is a communication tool that humans have developed to interact with others and their environment, it is necessary to teach children the culture of social media in a better way. For example, there are some ways to teach children how to use smartphones, including maintaining a reasonable viewing distance and proper usage time to avoid addiction.

 I also want people to know that there are some positive aspects of social media, not just negative aspects. Compared to the past, the network has become wider and faster, allowing users to reach anywhere in the world, surf the Internet, or read articles on social media anytime, which enables them to be exposed to various social phenomena.

 Recently, it was also reported in the news that elementary school students are more likely to read Internet articles through social media than to do a separate search for the information on the Internet. Also, files exchanged through e-mails can now be quickly shared and viewed on social media. These benefits of social media make it much easier to check files sent and received through the media without complicated processes.

 Social media has become like our new companion that we cannot be separated from. As social media becomes more diverse and as its user numbers increase and start from a younger age, we need to explore ways to make more productive use of it. And as technology progresses along with social media, we need to humbly accept it and think about the ways to make our lives more prosperous.

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