Go Crazy about Daegu FC and Samsung Lions!
Go Crazy about Daegu FC and Samsung Lions!
  • Jang Jae-wan
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Enjoy Daegu

 Here comes the spring! In Daegu, there are lots of enjoyable things to do. In this section we’re going to introduce baseball at Daegu Samsung Lions Park. This stadium was built three years ago and is located in Suseong-gu, Daegu. Visitors who want to see a baseball game can use the line two of the subway, and exit at Daegu Grand Park Station. The stadium can accommodate approximately 29,000 people, with seating for about 24,000. The stadium has some special new features. For example, it faces east-northeast, so in the summer, the audience gets lots of shade. Seats are numbered and classified so that visitors can choose wherever they want to sit. Additionally, the stadium has a third base dugout, where coaches, players, trainers and bat boys can sit and wait during the game. A third base dugout has less sunlight because of its location, which can increase player’s concentration.

 Daegu Samsung Lions Park is home to the Samsung Lions baseball team. The team was founded in 1982 and ranked second that year. Since then, the Samsung Lions have established their position as a prestigious club by being No. 1 on several occasions. Many lengendary players in KBO League have played for the Samsung Lions.

 The Samsung Lions cheers for their players by singing their fighting songs during the game. If you have a uniform or a balloon stick, it’s easier to cheer on the players. The cheering area is usually behind third base as there is a stage for the cheerleaders and mascot to dance and cheer. When the game starts, the cheerleaders stand in front to lead the crowd in the fighting songs. There are two kinds of fighting songs: individual and team. Individual songs are usually given to the main players, so when a player enters the batter’s box, a familiar song (the lyrics are changed to include the player’s name) is played. The cheerleaders do a dance along with the song, and the audience follows to encourage the player. Team fighting songs start in the second half of the game to get everyone in the stadium involved. So, both individual and team fighting songs serve as a catalyst to invigorate the quiet ballpark.

 There is plenty of food available in the staduim in case you feel hungry while watching and cheering. There are famous franchises, such as chicken or burger chains, but the rumor is that pizza is the best!

 The Samsung Lions have a great stadium and a great culture. However, unlike their past glory, their latest performances on the field have not been very good. At this critical time for the team, support from fans could be a great help to the team. So, how about a trip to the ballpark to cheer for the Samsung Lions? We can all cheer together! I look forward to the day when you too become part of the Samsung Lions team.

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