Human Nature Hidden Beneath a Good Image
Human Nature Hidden Beneath a Good Image
  • Kang Sin-hyung
  • 승인 2019.04.05 17:31
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 Nowadays, so many crimes are reported in the media. In the U.S.A., a male nurse’s aide was apprehended because he sexually assaulted his patient who had been in a vegetative state. This crime makes us think about human nature: “Is a human being’s nature really good?” Some people say that there are many good human beings in the world, shown through many heartwarming stories.

 A doctor who raised orphans taught them musical instruments and subsequently made an orchestra. This orchestra played concerts in jails, on the street, and around the world for nearly 30 years. It was a very touching story. Recently, however, that same doctor was arrested because it was discovered he had raped those orphans for 10 years. Another story exists about a man with a serious disease in his teeth. He had very few teeth and had tumors all in his mouth. Unfortunately, his daughter had the same disease. Their situation was broadcast on ‘Concentrating on Topics’ on MBC. In the broadcast, many people watching this program felt pity for this poor man and his daughter and their afflictions. After the program, the man received a lot of donations. A few years later, however, he ordered his daughter to bring her friend to their home, killed her, and buried the girl’s body on a hillside. The man is Lee Young-hak, also known now as “Molar Daddy.” He was condemned to life imprisonment, but he doesn’t seem to regret his crime judging from a letter he wrote. In that letter, Lee writes “I am writing my autobiography, titled I Am a Killer, and if this book is contracted with any publisher, you can go to school and home. We will have revenge.”

 Lee Young-hak was considered to have a very hard life but who tried to support his family in spite of his disease. The fact however is that he only used a fraction of the donations for his daughter’s treatment. Instead much of the donation money was used for his personal pleasure. He bought two houses, six cars, and even paid for a tattoo for himself. The public was especially shocked by this terrible story because he was portrayed as a loving father, trying to help his daughter, but the truth showed that he exploited the situation and that he was not the good natured man the public thought him to be.

 These crimes suggest that we should not rashly judge someone’s behaviors and that human nature is not always good. Even if humans do not break the law, we can easily witness many situations that can damage others both physically and mentally. If human nature itself were indeed good, no one would harm another person.

 On the other hand, we should not make a hurried decision that human nature is not good. For instance, Cameron Willingham was executed in 2003 for the suspected killing of his three daughters in 1991. However, in 2006, a research team submitted a new report suggesting that there was no scientific proof in the original evidence. As such, he may have been wrongly convicted and executed for a crime that he didn’t commit. Through this case, we are again reminded of the fact that we should not rashly judge someone else’s behavior.

 We live in a complicated and multi-dimensional world, so it is not easy to judge someone’s personality easily. But it is certain that human beings like doing bad things, and many proverbs say ‘don’t like the evil things’ because human beings have had a tendency to be attracted to bad things. For this reason, although someone may begin with good intentions, it can very easily go from bad to worse as there are many factors in live tempting people to do evil things. For example, some leaders are lured into making bad use of public funds. Not all people can overcome this type of temptation, and thus, there are many cases about this kind of improper affair. Human beings are weak, so we must always be aware of the delicate balance between good and evil and strive to resist the temptations.

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