E-World Top 3 Rides
E-World Top 3 Rides
  • Lee Sun-min
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 Located in Duryu Park Road, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, E-World is a representative amusement park in Daegu. Depending on the theme, the rides are divided into four different types, or Attraction Zones: Dynamic World, Fantasy World, Magic World, and Adventure World.

 I would like to introduce three popular and thrilling rides. The first ride is the MegaSwing 360, which rotates 360 degrees. It’s the first of its kind in Korea. As its own device rotates 360 degrees, a circular instrument with passengers on board also rotates 360 degrees. This ride, which is in the Dynamic World, is only available to passengers over 135cm tall, and can accommodate up to 30 people. As the MegaSwing 360 rises to a dizzying height and rotates 360 degrees, it provides a thrill, making it one of the most challenging rides in E-World. The ride can be seen as a high-quality version of GyroSwing at Lotte World. When you rotate 360 degrees, you can feel the pull of gravity all over your body. And sometimes this ride pauses while completely upside down and then slowly goes back down. During that time you can see the wide-spread landscape around E-World, but you can still feel a sense of dizziness. The ride is so thrilling that sometimes employees say “Please raise your hands if you are afraid!” That is why people with heart problems and pregnant women are never supposed to ride.

 The second most thrilling ride is Top Spin. This ride is 20 meters and belongs to Adventure World. The ride also has a rotating system, but it is lower in height than the MegaSwing 360. It also pauses at its highest point for a moment and slowly goes down. Then it not only rotates the passenger’s seat but also rotates backwards and forwards unlike MegaSwing 360. If you are scared of riding the MegaSwing 360, I recommend riding Top Spin first.

 The last ride I want to introduce is Boomerang. It belongs to Adventure World just like Top Spin. The ride is a high-speed roller coaster that falls forward from a height of 30 meters and then falls back. So it is more exciting than other normal roller coasters that only go in one direction. In addition to that, it runs at an extremely high speed. These three rides mentioned above are some of the most popular rides in Daegu, so the waiting in line to ride tends to take a long time. To enjoy the rides at E-World Amusement Park, I can give you a simple tip. Some rides that you want to ride may not be in operation or may open late for a few reasons. Therefore, if you check the E-World homepage before visiting, you can enjoy the rides you want to ride.

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