E-World Starlight Festival: Another Night Sky Opens in Daegu
E-World Starlight Festival: Another Night Sky Opens in Daegu
  • Ra Yun-seo
  • 승인 2019.04.04 22:43
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(Photo by reporter Ra Yun-seo)
(Photo by reporter Ra Yun-seo)


 In 2018, The Observer, the English newspaper of Yeungnam University, reported on Yeungnam University’s museum. So if you look at the newspaper that The Observer published from issues 349 to 351, you can see articles that covered Museum Week: Apdok-kuk, Nakdonggang Cheollido, and Hwajodo. Now, The Observer has begun a new article for the New Year 2019. Thus, from issue 352 to issue 355, we will introduce beautiful and meaningful festivals held in Daegu, the traditional market, and famous sports such as the Samsung Lions Park and Daegu Stadium with the theme of ‘Enjoy Daegu.’

 This is the first article in the series “Enjoy Daegu,” covering the Starlight Festival at E-World, Daegu’s famous amusement park. Therefore, along with introducing the Starlight Festival, we will introduce three of the most popular rides at E-World.

 Every year, the Starlight Festival is held at E-World, located in Dalseo-gu, Daegu. The Starlight Festival is Korea’s biggest light festival, and its number of visitors is growing every year. It’s the only festival in Korea where visitors can enjoy thirty different rides and the ‘83 Tower,’ a lighted landmark in Daegu. The 6th annual E-World Starlight Festival was held from 19 November 2018 to 28 February 2019. The concept of this Starlight Festival is a journey to find the queen of flowers in the 10 million twinkle light Starlight Flower Garden. To make this garden, E-World utilized 130,000 square meters of space to make the starlight tour through beautiful photo zones of light and flowers like Queen’s Road, the Fantasy square with the Queen’s tree, and Rainbow Hill consisting of 10,000 stars shaped tulips. The ‘83 Tower’ provided a wonderful view, which could be seen at the end of the starlight tour. Sky Garden, hidden inside the ‘83 Tower,’ was another well-visited attraction. It became known as a place to receive a blessing of love when couples touched the Queen’s jewels.

 Although the Starlight Festival is over, the Cherry Blossom Festival, which is one of the world’s fastest growing cherry blossom festivals in the world and is known as the biggest nighttime cherry blossom festival in Korea, is being held 23 March. This festival is also good to enjoy because it has as many visitors as the Starlight Festival.


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