Exhibitions between Fall and Winter
Exhibitions between Fall and Winter
  • Han Ji-woon
  • 승인 2018.11.29 19:53
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Exhibition of Kim Chung-up at MMCA, Gwacheon(photo by cub reporter Han Ji-woon)
Exhibition of Kim Chung-up at MMCA, Gwacheon(photo by cub reporter Han Ji-woon)

 We had the exhibition of Kim Hwan-ki and the exhibition of Kansong last summer, both of whom are representative figures in Korean art history. However, there have not been many exhibitions of such prominent figures. So, I decided to broaden my view and started looking for exhibitions that were held elsewhere.

 I came across an exhibition dedicated to Kim Chung-up(Revised Romanization) who has been one of the most influential architects and had a huge impact on modern architecture in South Korea. The exhibition was named ‘Kim Chung-up Dialogue’ and it was taking place at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art(MMCA), Gwacheon.

 Kim Chung-up was known to be the only Korean apprentice to Le Corbusier, one of the pioneers of the modernism movement. This exhibition celebrates his life and his works on the 30th anniversary of his passing. He left many beautiful buildings which were a combination of international, modernist, and Korean traditional styles. One very interesting fact is that this is not the first exhibition about Kim Chung-up. There is another continuous exhibition at the previous Building of Yuyu Pharma in Anyang. However, these two exhibitions differ greatly in how they communicate with the visitors. I felt that the Gwacheon exhibition focuses more on the viewers and their experiences. The visitors at this exhibition first encounter the architect’s work at the time when it was built. Then they can see how the building looks now. After that, they see themselves reflected in the mirror, realizing that they are living among those masterpieces. This exhibition will last until 16 December 2018.

 There is another great exhibition at MMCA, Seoul. This exhibition displays works by Yun Hyong-keun who is Kim Hwan-ki’s son-in-law. He was as famous as his father-in-law. Yun Hyong-keun lived through the most traumatic periods of Korean history including the J


apanese colonial era, the Korean War, and the postwar dictatorship. These experiences significantly influenced his work. His early work was colorful and delicate. However, after experiencing dark times, his work became darker and bolder. This exhibition will also last until 16 December 2018.

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