Festivals in Yeongnam Province
Festivals in Yeongnam Province
  • Han Ji-woon
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 Winter in South Korea is getting colder than previous years. Then how about spending this winter enjoying a festival in Yeongnam province, where it is warmer than other areas of South Korea and Yeungnam University is nearby? This article will introduce various festivals and their unique characteristics.

 1. The Cheongdo Provence Christmas Santa Light Festival

 Cheongdo Provence has been one of the main amusement parks in Yeongnam area. There has been a winter festival with various lights and displays since 1996. Visitors can take pictures with beautiful displays and lights outside and can use photo studios
Schedule: 22 October 2018~31 March
Place: Cheongdo Provence Photoland
Charge: 8000 won

 2. The Yeongil Bay Festival

 Since olden times, Homigot has been one of the most famous places in South Korea to see the sunrise. Recently, Pohang has made this event a festival. This festival offers events such as a music concert, Cinema de Pohang, and sun-greeting.
Schedule: 31 December 2018~1 January   
Place: Homigot Sunrise Plaza
Charge: free

 3. The E-World Starlight Festival

 The E-World Starlight Festival has been held annually for the past six years. This festival includes 30 rides and the 83 Tower. This year especially, visitors can experience a ‘ten million starlight flower garden,’ which will cover 130,000 pyeong with various flowers and lights.
Schedule: 31 December 2018~31 March
Place: E-World
Charge: Entrance Ticket: 20,000 won / Free
Pass Ticket: 39,000 won

 4. The Gyeongju World Culture Expo
 Every year, the Gyeongju World Culture Expo is held with a variety of exhibitions. This year, the expo is presenting the Golden Road exhibition. Visitors can learn about the history of the unified Silla and the Silk Road. Also, we can see the whole view of the Bomun Tourist Complex in Gyeongju.
Schedule: 26 March 2018~30 November 2018
Place: Gyeongju World Culture Expo
Charge: Check the website

 5. The Busan International Art Fair 2018

 The Busan International Art Fair 2018 is organizing exhibitions of many artists and is offering a marketplace for 200 domestic and international artists, including Alphonso Arul Doss. This marketplace will connect artists and consumers directly and some of the proceeds will be donated to UNICEF, while other proceeds will be used to support young artists.
Schedule: 6 December 2018~10 December 2018
Place: BEXCO
Charge: 10,000 won for adults / 5,000 won for

 6. Busan Christmas Tree Festival

 Every Christmas season, a tree festival is held in Gwangbok-dong, Busan. Visitors can take many pictures with various beautiful lights and trees. Also, at 7 p.m. and 8 p.m., artificial snow will be scattered to create a romantic atmosphere. Every year, they change the artwork of the tree, so they can give a new feeling for the spectators.
Schedule: Undetermined
Place: Undetermined
Charge: Free

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