ASMR: A Rediscovery of Sound
ASMR: A Rediscovery of Sound
  • Lee Sun-min
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Definition     ASMR, an abbreviation for automatic sensory meridian response, is the sensory experience of indescribable psychological stability or pleasure. It is a response to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, or cognitive stimuli produced by the stimulation of the brain. The term ASMR, which is widely used today, was coined by Jennifer Allen in 2010. She defines it as a secondary phenomenon where the brain responds to a certain sensations and actively promotes neurotransmitters to the autonomic nervous system that are usually distributed in the back of the head, the shoulder, the forearm, and the back. ASMR began to spread in the U.S. and Australia around 2010, and you can see various ASMR videos through YouTube and SNS in Korea. ASMR can be videos or recording of sounds that help people relax and fall asleep, and therefore is useful in stressful modern societies. This was quickly noticed as a remarkable way to satisfy modern people who are pursuing new, special, and singular things because they are sick and tired of their repetitive, boring routine. ASMR is very diverse as seen in the following instances: wind noise, book reading, writing with a pencil, pigs eating, whispering, and eating unique food.

Problems     Even though ASMR has become widespread enough to the extent that few are unaware of it, there are still many problems. First, ASMR can make us dependent on or addicted to it. Our unwitting dependence, even to the level of addiction, might arise from overusing ASMR. Second, ASMR may cause side effects that dull our consciousness. The third problem is that we can see sexual images in ASMR’s video. On YouTube, most users can access ASMR videos easily. However, YouTube has very few age restrictions, so even under-aged people can access sexual ASMR without difficulty. The fourth problem is that ASMR users often listen to videos while turning up the volume because the sound is very low. If the volume is turned up, but halfway through the video an advertisement plays at full volume, the high volume of the ads might damage our hearing. ASMR artists recommend putting earphones on for a vivid sound transmission. However, if we use earphones while listening without a break, we are likely to impair our hearing. ASMR is recommended for when we are really tired and cannot fall asleep. But, constant listening throughout the night with earphones can also cause problems for our hearing, and having our cellphones so close to our heads while sleeping also subjects us to harmful electromagnetic waves, which are said to interfere with a good night’s sleep.

Recommendation  As you may know, Miniyu is the first one to start ASMR in Korea. Miniyu continues to show a variety of content. Her early videos produce a typical ASMR response like tingles for many people, making her videos much more popular than other YouTube videos. The number of Miniyu subscribers has risen to 465,708. The content that Miniyu has introduced so far includes beauty salons, make-up, and ear-cleaning ASMR. Among them, her favorite is the content conveying positive words. She is still working on developing good-quality content. If you are a student who usually listens to ASMR while sleeping, you should try listening to her ASMR videos. Another popular YouTuber is Suna. Students who might be interested in ASMR or are new to ASMR might enjoy her videos since she always provides fresh and unexpected content. Students might feel refreshed and enjoy hearing them. Her YouTube subscriber count is up to 952,343. Her ASMR content includes the sounds of pigs eating food, breaking and cutting soap, the sound of using sticky tape, and the sound of a heartbeat. These videos are intriguing and original compared to what other YouTubers have provided thus far. As all individuals have their own personalities and preferences, we may want unique, distinctive types of sounds.

Types As people’s interests become more diverse, ASMR content videos are increasing in number rapidly. The first type of ASMR is the sound made when using things. These include the sounds of tapping on desks, turning pages, typing on keyboards, and using plastic bags or wrappers. Such sounds are natural ones frequently heard in our everyday life. However, if you close your eyes and listen to the sounds in a quiet environment, you might be able to relax and regain metal stability and comfort. The second type is related to our mouths, like when we eat fries and cheese Tteok bokki. Listening to such sounds makes our mouth-water, but for some, these sounds can be relaxing or enjoyable. The third type is role-playing ASMR. One type of role-playing is the ‘scalp massage shop.’ By listening to and watching this ASMR, subscribers can feel like they are getting a relaxing scalp massage and scalp scaling. Another type is a machine repairman role-playing ASMR. During a repairman performance, the machine sounds as if something is being repaired or made. The fifth one is the sound of nature. Natural sound ASMR plays sounds like rain in the mountains, or birds in trees. People can feel peace and quiet and take a rest before going to bed while listening to it. Such videos can help people meditate to a relaxed state or strengthen their concentration when they are studying. If you choose the best ASMR for your situation, your life can be much more enjoyable and happier than before.

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